So — I started shopping at thrift stores back in high school (well, really before then because my parents were big on flea markets, yard sales, et al and took me with them often). Not only because I’m sort of cheap (but only in the sense that I prefer not to spend money), but because of the unusual stuff. Also I have an affection for cast offs, the ugly or unwanted, and the diamonds in the rough.

My goal is to visit every one of the many thrift shops on Cape Cod, Mass. If you live here you already know that there are a bunch. This blog is to document my visits, but also to share details of the shop location, what kind of things you can find there, the hours, and all that good stuff. I’ll probably post pictures of the items I find there too, but I don’t want this to be one of those thrifting blogs where the author just posts a bunch of pictures of the clothes they got.

Because I want this to be useful, I hope you will let me know if you have input or corrections to anything I post.


  1. This is very informative blog, and elegantly realized, thank you Thrifty Cape. Makes me want to go look for those ‘diamonds in the rough’. Happy Thifting


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