Now you may say to yourself — geez, I already know about the Goodwill. Everyone knows about Goodwill and everyone who wants to thrift shop goes to it. Which may be true. But I’m starting out with an easy one, people. And also I was feeling the urge to go spend a few hours looking through clothes so this gives me a fix.

The Hyannis Goodwill is where you go for clothes. There are other things there too, like housewares but those are incidental. They still do the thing where the clothes are sorted by color rather than size, but what are you gonna do. It just makes the whole looking process more drawn-out.


Clothes galore

We made a special trip out to Hyannis to visit on Saturday (01-06-18). If you don’t like people then I recommend avoiding the weekends really. This can get busy. (Again: golly what did you expect? It’s Goodwill.) Shoutout to our friend Sam who works there, who was putting the goods out on the floor today.

I typically need a shopping cart to carry all the items I try on here. The thing about it is then I have to try them on, and usually get only 20% of what I pick because of the size, or weird flaws, or eh. There are usually good brands here, and the selection tends to have more stylish clothes than other places on the Cape.

Here’s Saturday’s haul:

I’ve seen this needlepoint of drafting tools here for a couple months – finally broke down and bought it
I found 3 dessert plates in this pattern..
Dish stamp
turns out they are English ironstone china in a pattern that was discontinued in the 1950s
Kewl t-shirt
OMG what was I thinking? I liked the bird art on this dress but boy is it ugly.
I didn’t buy this. An old answering machine for $4.99? Who priced this?

[Should I take a picture of every last thing? Or would that be too much?]

This is what you need to know about visiting the Hyannis Goodwill:

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries     508-790-0046

141 Corporation St, Hyannis
Parking is in the lot of Corporation Plaza (behind the Cape Cod Mall)

Hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; Sun 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Restrooms? No, the closest public bathrooms are in the food court area of the Mall.

Donations are accepted till 5pm – the donation door is to the right of the front entrance of the store.

Benefits: Goodwill Industries, which is a private company.

Till next time —



  1. I love thrifting! Your column is right on the mark. There are so many good thrift shops and consignment shops on the Cape. Can’t wait till Sasha comes for another visit. What fun we will have thrifting! Happy day. Irene


  2. Hi Kate. Don’t think you got my last message. It’s Irene, Sashas friend. Hope you are still doing thrift reviews. You do a great job. I was at a few places today. Pilgrim was much better. Lots of clothes and household stuff. You might want to check it out again. Happy Days!


    • Hi Irene – thanks so much! I have started reviewing thrift stores again 🙂 Andy and I are always out and about at different places but we’ll have to try Pilgrim again.. thanks! Kate


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