St Joan of Arc Thrift Shop

So the plan today was to go to the EMS Cape and Islands Thrift Shop in Orleans, but we stopped first at Greg’s Books (had some old Doctor Who books from the mid-80s I wanted to trade in for credit) and Andrew and Greg got into a really long discussion which lasted well past the time that the EMS thrift was open, so we went to St Joan of Arc across town instead. They are open till 4pm which is late for most thrifty stores.

20180126_150811I’ve been to St Joan of Arc before, and don’t really make a habit of going. It’s still a good thrift, and it’s really excellent for jewelry which is kind of unusual around here. There are finer pieces in display cases (silver and such) and lots of costume hanging on the wall. The clothes are arranged by size and type and easy to browse through. The quality is good, and so are the prices for what you are getting.

20180126_151426It’s really super old lady though. Maybe if that’s your style, then that would be awesome. Or there is a l w a y s the chance that something kewl will show up inside all the blouses and pleated cords and pants suits. Does it happen? Of course, but I’ve never seen it. But I don’t go enough here to really tell one way or the other.

When you walk in the door, you’ll pass the boutique on the right before you enter the main shop floor. The boutique is so nicely put together I feel bad that all I can find here are mother-of-the-bride dresses and (more) pants suits. I’d say it’s worth taking a chance and looking around but it’s not my style.

There’s some good houseware-type stuff to the right in the shop itself, and I’ve found some interesting craft materials. Today I picked up a stainless-steel olive oil pitcher with a cork lid for $1 so how can you beat that. I wasn’t sure what it was when I picked it up but I liked the lines of it. Guess I will have to put my olive oil in it.


My question is, how do you see the mysterious “back room”? When I’ve been here it seems like select people get to go back there and have access to different stuff. You must have to know people. Alas I don’t know anyone so I don’t get to see.

What you need to know:

St Joan of Arc Thrift Shop          508-255-4476
61 Canal Rd, Orleans
You can access Canal Rd off the rotary in Orleans (at the junction of Routes 6A and 28). The thrift shop is on the right, across the street from the church, and has its own parking lot.

Hours: Mon – Fri 10A – 4P; Sat 10A – 1P

Bathroom: No. There’s a Wendy’s at the other end of Canal Rd.

Donations: Accepted during thrift shop hours; see a volunteer in the shop

Volunteers: See their website if you’d like to volunteer. If you call the shop, they can put you in touch with someone who can direct you.


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