Corner Thrift Shop

I’ve passed by this thrift shop in Harwich Center pretty much daily for the past year or so, and never went in. It looks like a tiny little building on the corner of Main St and Sisson Rd (across the street from the church) and seems like it wouldn’t be worth stopping — but I found out that was just dumb on my part.

There’s a parking lot behind the building, which is shared with Red’s Pizza next door, so you don’t have to park on the street. The entrance is facing the lot, and opens on a much larger space than I expected. I kept turning corners and finding more store to look at.

20180208_132907They have a nice selection of women’s clothes — I found a teal jacket for spring and a black-and-white skirt — and probably several other things I could have bought had I remembered to get some extra cash to bring with me — and some decent shoes and boots. Everything is separated by size which is so super helpful. They also have lots of housewares and collectible items. I will say that the prices are somewhat high, but reasonable for the quality of the stuff you are getting.

I found this amazing picture frame — one of those gasp, I need to have this moments — which still has every one of its rhinestones and lizard fingers.


It’s awesome.

And, it was on sale! I said the prices were a little high for me, but I got 50% and 25% off items with their color-tag sale. And unlike Goodwill, there seemed to be a very good selection of sale items.

I didn’t look at the media section, because I was caught up in the rest of the stuff there, but Andrew always scours that area and he said it was “good”. Well he bought a lot of DVDs anyway.

There was also an early edition hardcover of Bambi that Andrew had asked the lady at the counter to put aside for him while he shopped, and when we went to check out, it turns out someone picked it up off the counter and bought it. Wha? Seemed a little fishy but that’s the way it goes.

This is a thrift store I’m definitely adding to my list of usual stops. It’s pretty great.

What you need to know:

The Corner Thrift Shop            508-432-1053
697 Main St, Harwich 
Across the street from the First Church of Harwich, behind the offices. Parking lot behind the building is accessible from either Main St or Sisson Rd.
Hours: Wed – Sat 10am – 2:30pm


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