Noah’s Ark Thrift Shop

This is a funny little store and I don’t mean that to make the hardworking ladies who run it feel bad, it just is a little funny. I guess it’s kind of weird.

noahsarkIt’s part of the Christ Church Episcopal and occupies several small rooms and a hallway in the lower level of the church. There’s a parking lot behind the church, and you’ll see a sign for the shop from there.

The front room has women’s clothing, jewelry, and coats. There’s also something I thought was a good idea, a “Featured Men’s Clothing” rack. Men’s clothing doesn’t get enough attention at thrift stores.


If you go through the doorway to the right, there’s another room of some men’s clothes, housewares — then there’s a hallway with pictures on the wall — and another room full of children’s toys and such — and yet another with more housewares. It’s a little confusing.

There’s a dressing room to try on clothes but no restroom so be prepared. I found a nice shirt and some laminating sheets (one of those useful things that I am not sure what I need it for, but I know that at one point I wished I had). Andrew bought yet more movies.

They charged tax on merchandise but not on clothes. Kind of unusual like I said. Otherwise a nice store. Doesn’t knock me out but worth the occasional look, if you ask me.

Noah’s Ark Thrift Shop          508-432-1787
Christ Church Episcopal
671 Route 28, Harwich Port
(corner of Route 28 and Harbor Rd)
Wed – Sat 11am – 3pm

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