VNA Thriftique

IMG_7699.HEICThis place is great. Andy and I visited on Friday (02-23-18) after missing out on another thrift that had actually changed their hours, but luckily the VNA store is still open until 5pm (one of only a few that stay open after 3pm now). There’s a big selection of glassware and china — stuff that looks beautiful but I don’t think people use much now — and collectibles (so it does live up to the “tique” part of the name). There’s a nice selection of ladies clothes, arranged by size which is ideal, but less of a men’s section (as is typical). Handbags and jewelry had some nice pieces but not a big variety to choose from. However with some serious looking* I picked out a garnet bracelet for $2.

Towards the back of the store there are 3 large shelving units filled with housewares and books. Because the shelves are so full, you have to do that same kind of looking to unearth the treasures. I found a sweet bird dish to put my coffee spoon on in here for $1. However it can be a little overwhelming because of the focus you need to use to sort through everything your eye is taking in.20180225_161011

The Thriftique is well organized, well-lit, and has fitting rooms if you need them. It’s really worth a regular stop, especially for dishes and such. The gentleman at the counter was super nice, and patient as Andy and I went through all the CDs, then gave us a deal on them. Plus, it benefits the community programs of the Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod so you can’t go wrong there.

Have fun —

What you need to know —

VNA Thriftique          508-398-2759
1074 Route 28, South Yarmouth. (South Yarmouth Plaza, near the RMV)
Lots of parking in the plaza lot.
Hours: Tue – Sat 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

*serious looking — well it means for me taking enough time to let images linger on your retina for your brain to do more than a brief scan. This is opposed to my usual casual looking where I just run my eyes all over everything and let things jump out at me. Do other people make this distinction?

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