Pilgrim Thrift Store

HipstamaticPhoto-542049722.018321We visited the Pilgrim Thrift on March 6, 2018 — it’s right in the middle of Harwich Port, on the left side of the Pilgrim Congregational Church. If you turn down Church St, there’s a parking lot in back of the building. There’s a small sign on the back there that says Pilgrim Thrift and Consignment. It’s a fairly big space packed with beautiful items, mainly china, glassware, art, and decorative stuff — but the thing is, this is not really a “thrift” store. I saw a set of dishes marked at $150 — most likely this was a good price for the quality, but it’s not thrifty. There were signs around asking for customers to “respect our prices” because the money goes to help church activities — fair enough. Everything is lovely and clean, and the lady at the desk was super nice and personable.

20180310_101514There’s a small room of books, and an even smaller room with a few clothing pieces hanging, and then a kitchen in the back containing housewares (still priced very high); the large main space is where the pricey stuff is.

I hate to say I was disappointed in the Pilgrim Thrift shop. But I think that has to do with my expectations for it. I have a definition in my mind as to what a thrift shop should be, and I tend to think it’s more of a place to find an unexpected treasure for cheap.

That being said, if you are looking for antiques or small furniture pieces, it may be worth a look.

What you need to know:

Pilgrim Thrift Store          508-432-1668 x21
533 Route 28, Harwich Port

Hours: Tues – Fri 10a – 3p;  Sat 8a – 1p

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