Lucky Day Thrift

This is a privately-owned business that doesn’t take donations — sales do benefit the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Transplant Institute though. However, the store does have the usual randomness in items for sale as any other thrift shop. There’s more furniture than average, plus tools, DVDs, men’s and women’s clothing, collectibles. Generally reasonable prices and good quality of merchandise. I bought a tank top for $0.75 and a little organizer box for $0.10 so bargains can be found.

There’s a Facebook page for the store where they put up pictures of items as they arrive, which is super convenient if you’re looking for furniture.

Lots to look at, but I’m kind of on the fence about it. It didn’t thrill me — maybe because it was more curated than most donation-based thrifts. But worth a look! Also, it’s right next door to Dominoes pizza so get some of those Parmesan bread bites if you want to enjoy yourself further.

Lucky Day Thrift          508-499-8424
16 Route 28, West Harwich 02617

Hours: Daily 10AM – 4PM

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