Northside United Methodist Church Thrift Shop

Oh yes. This is the kind of thrift store I like to go to. We had been visiting a couple other thrifts the same day, which were really nice, but didn’t satisfy the urge to dig through stuff. The Northside UMC thrift is (and I hope that the nice ladies who run this store don’t get offended) the digging kind of thrift store, where there’s lots to look through and the chance that you’ll find a treasure.IMG_8501.HEIC

I’d been here once before and had good luck in finding a neat bohemian leather purse, so I was intrigued at what would be here when we visited in March. As I said, this is the kind of place where you have to look through everything, so we were here a long time. There’s a small book/CD selection, a decent housewares selection, crafts items, and mainly ladies’ clothing. Most of the clothes are nice, with a few junky old clothes mixed in. It’s more “old lady” clothes, but there’s a real

The 50-cent mug — Nescafe from the 70s

potential to find something good (the things that were good didn’t fit me, ha ha).

This is a way more laid-back place than the other places we had been today. The nice ladies at the register talked us into buying a shirt because we stayed so long and were just going to purchase a $0.50 mug — those pushers! I’m trying to cut back!



Northside United Methodist Church Thrift Shop          508-760-5300
110 Main St, Dennis Port

Hours: Mon – Sat 11AM – 3PM

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