The Second Glance Thrift Shop

This is one of those thrifts that is more like a boutique — the Second Glance reminds me a lot of Consigning Women (which is a great store really –). They feature women’s clothing prominently — the front of the store and windows have racks of clothing separated by size and type of garment. Also lots of scarves. There is a decent selection of men’s stuff too.

Scarf Island

When we went in March they had a little table set up with green things (I kind of love when the thrift stores do this — it’s really wonderfully random). There was a sweet green Michael Kors leather purse on that table for $30 that I was tempted by (but I was already looking for something specific and didn’t want to spend the extra money) — I don’t know what it was worth (since I look at utility/quality of items rather than brands to be honest) but I thought it was cool.

The back of the store has furniture and decor items (plus a corner of shoes which are nicely curated). I’d recommend stopping here if you’re looking for furniture too as they have a good (albeit not large) selection of quality items. Books and other media selection is very limited.

Purses and Easter baskets GALORE

All in all, a very good thrift store — but if you’re in the mood for sorting through junk to find hidden treasures (as I usually like to do), it’s not very satisfying that way. But if you are looking for good-quality clothing and accessories, this is the place. Plus, it benefits the Family Pantry of Cape Cod, which provides food and clothing to low-income residents, and that’s pretty awesome.




The Second Glance Thrift Shop          508-432-0636
265 Main St, West Harwich 02671

Hours: Summer Mon-Sat 10AM – 5PM          Winter Tue – Sat 10AM – 4PM


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