So I had made a decent start, I thought, though maybe not as good of one as I really wanted to. I wrote up a few blog posts and all, and published them (despite my self-doubts), but then things started happening in my life.

I went from having one part-time job to having two, and then to three part-time jobs. I liked all the jobs, I reasoned, and two of them were seasonal, so I could just temporarily work three jobs and sure it worked out that I only had a half-day off a week for the month of July (gosh, did I really do that?), but I was a tough person and could handle it! Well, yes, I could handle it but at the expense of everything else in my life really.

ShopbrochureSo after the summer was over, I cut back on work, but then it was time to get married (did I mention that I was trying to help plan my wedding during all this too?).

In any event, I’m getting back to a more reasonable schedule and taking time for doing things for myself. And part of that is getting back to this blog.

My goal is to use the brochure, “Touring the THRIFT SHOPS of Cape Cod” as my guide to the next 47 entries in this series. This was always my original wish, to visit all of the shops listed in this brochure. It’s by no means a complete list of thrift stores, but it is a start.

You can find this brochure in most thrift shops on the Cape. It lists the church-related independent shops.

I’m super into being orderly and why not use the order provided by this. It starts in Bourne so I’m headed up the Cape.

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