St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop, Buzzards Bay


The St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop on Main St in Buzzards Bay is a good one. You do have to drive over the bridge to get there which if you live on Cape Cod is a major deal.

It’s nicely kept and the volunteers set it up neatly.

I don’t like to say anything bad because it’s such a nice place. But the clothes probably aren’t as nice as other places on the cape (for example Hyannis Goodwill etc) and you see more sweatshirts with cutesy birds painted on them, but that’s a matter of taste so don’t listen to me. You guys are great.

There’s furniture here too, much more than you usually see at a thrifty store, so that’s a bonus too. The theme for the day was “Harvest Gold.”

It’s easy to find and it’s open till 4pm Tues thru Saturday. If you are over on that side of the bridge, check it out —

T-shirts for $1.00!!
Obligatory wall of bags
Someone got rid of their mug collection
This volunteer was sorting books by author
Lots of fancy going out tops
Sally Mountain Show
We did buy this one
Andy spends his time looking through the CDs
Gold lame
Bumpy green glass
For your 80s decor
Huh… a bargain?!?!
Me & Jeez
Yellow shoes



  1. This place helps out a lot of people and even giving straight up money to people off the streets who need it and will furnish a whole apt to someone who just got approved on any sorts of voucher. This place is run off all donations so they may not have the best stuff for sale which I guess is your opinion because whenever I wear there stuff I get compliments ALOT but I can almost GUARANTEE YOU they help more then any other thrift shop give back to their community on or off the cape. And I’ve been and seen a lot of place as I’m sure you have. Plus the owner is wonderful . Amazing guy.


    • Thanks for your comment Rebecca! It’s hard to base an opinion of a place off of just one visit. And you are right it’s just my opinion, so I really dont mean to offend. I did like the shop very much. Kate.


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