Valley Farm Thrift Shop

The Valley Farm Thrift Shop is out in Pocasset and if it weren’t for GPS I probably wouldn’t know where that is. There actually is a farm on the property, which is, it says on a sign, a community garden. I don’t know anything more about that part of the situation. But the thrift store is very nicely organized, though a bit overwhelming when you first walk in and find yourself in a room crammed full of clothing.

There are several racks of clothing — when we visited there was a sale on winter clothes going on — plus cases with jewelry and collectibles. The kitchen and another room downstairs in the house also have items such as dishes, books, more clothing, bags, shoes, and all the other good stuff.

It was a bleh kind of rainy day when we came out and so we were the only shoppers there, so the woman who was working at the store was watching us somewhat closely and I felt a little funny taking photos like I was casing the joint. So some of the pictures are a little rushed.

All in all — well worth a visit! I found a nice spring jacket that was 30% off.


It really is on a farm
I bought this mesmerizing crystal heart
Kiddie sweaters
The back room had quite a few coats on sale
Sneaking a photo in the boutique
Book selection
Saddle shoes.. if you’re a golfer
Andy can’t stay out of the CD selection
Yes well I suppose so
Little wooden shoe for $1
The kitchen is full of pretty glass items
It’s missing the little enamel bit on the charm in the middle, I think, or else it’d be pretty cool.
I really would not make a good spy
Pattern on a bag for sale

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