“Bear-ly” Used Unitarian Universalist Meeting House Thrift Shop & First United Methodist Church, Chatham, Thrift Shop: CLOSED FOR NOW

It’s still a little early in the thrifting season here on the cape, so it’s no wonder that both these shops were closed yet when they came up next on my list.

I have a bit of insider information about the Unitarian Thrift Shop since that’s the meeting house that Andy’s mom attends (and she’s one of the nice ladies that works at the thrift store in the summer). It is supposed to open tentatively on Monday, May 13, 2019. I will update this post after that time. This is where I got one of my favorite thrift store items, Unigoat:

Super handsome, right?

Unigoat is a goat with a unicorn horn. It has some kind of fur glued all over it. It’s excellent. This happened when Andy and I were first seeing each other. We went to the thrift store where his mom was working and I saw the unigoat and thought it was great but didn’t get it because, I think, it was $5 or something and I thought that was too much to spend on something like a unigoat. Well we left and later on that day I said something about how I wished I got the unigoat and then Andy secretly called his mom and got her to save the unigoat for me at the thrift store and bring it home so he could give it to me. It was sweet. So the unigoat is in my display case of important things now.

The other Chatham thrift store we attempted to visit was the First United Methodist Church Thrift Shop at 16 Cross Street in downtown Chatham. It says in the brochure that they are open year-round, but when we arrived, we saw a sign:


Well, it was April when we went but no luck. We’ll have to try again sometime later.

I was sad about the lameness of the thrift visit today.

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