Northside Thrift Shop

I really like this thrift shop. It’s just the right size to spend enough time looking through things without taking up your whole afternoon, but still lets you achieve that zen thrift store shopping mode where you just look at things and let your brain drift off. There’s just enough treasure among the ordinary stuff to make looking worthwhile, and the people here are super nice.

So when I feel like getting my thrift on, frequently we come here. It’s not a boutique, but I’ve found some good things here. But then there are also used fuzzy slippers and that sort of thing, so you have to be willing to look through that stuff too.

I think that’s kind of fun, though. If you are nice to the staff sometimes they will give you a deal, but I can’t promise that they will. It depends on who you get and also you can’t go asking for a deal, that’s rude.

Northside United Methodist Church Thrift Shop
110 Main St, Dennisport. 508-760-5300
Mon – Sat: 10 am – 4 pm


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